This reminds me of the controversy ignited when the City of Charleston (WV) put real spikes on places people might sit in a public park near the bus station. One has to wonder what clientele city planners thought the bus station would attract. Whatever they thought, or didn’t think, the park on Summers Street is usually lively with folks who don’t live in South Hills. I don’t go there myself, as I’m not sure what conversations I am willing to have.

Spaces for People

When I left my home and my family

I was no more than a boy,

in the company of strangers

in the quiet of the railway station running scared.

Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters

where the ragged people go,

looking for the places only they would know.

The Boxer, by Paul Simon

It’s a bright sunny day and I’m sitting on my bench, sipping my coffee, not fully realizing how fortunate I am.  If I want, I can walk down the street and get a double dip of chocolate chip in a sugar cone.  Or maybe go browse the bookstore.  Later that evening I’ll probably go out to eat dinner with my wife, maybe take in the Friday evening concert at the levee.  Much later, I’ll be home, maybe watching tv or cruising the internet.  When we’ve finally exhausted all that the day has to offer, a…

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