The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the world's longest mountain range, but it takes a strong swimmer to visit most of it. Iceland is its most accessible region.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, actually, so today I decided, as the commercial says, to just do it.  To be precise,  I should probably note that some sneaker ad writer co-opted the popular phrase ‘just do it’ and got paid gobs of money for stating the obvious–but I digress.

The real news today is that I’ve finally taken the leap and annexed the Mid- Atlantic Ridge, which was arguably ours in the first place.

According to Wikipedia, my favorite, if sometimes questionable, quick source of information, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge tops off the Mid-Atlantic Rise. Here’s my favorite part: it’s described as a progressive bulge that runs the length of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is, in fact, the world’s longest mountain range.  The ridge crowns the highest point of the bulge.  The Fundy Basin on our Atlantic coast between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia harks back to our ancestral Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 

I  hope to have an on-the-scene report soon from Iceland, an outcrop province of our newly acquired Mid-Atlantic Ridge.